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It is an extraordinary privilege for us to be involved in the funeral of your loved one and it is a ministry that we take very seriously. If you choose St Mary & St John we will find a priest to help us during the vacancy and he will contact you so that we can arrange a time to meet to talk and to discuss the service. We have an excellent relationship with the Funeral Directors based in Nuneaton and work alongside them in order to lift as much of the pressure from you at this difficult time - we know how much there is to arrange and consider when you are the next of kin and we are here to help you through it as best as we can. As soon as we receive notice that you have chosen St Mary & St John your loved one, you, and all who are grieving will be in our daily prayers here in church; but our ministry to you doesn't stop when the funeral ends - you can always be in touch with us or with the priest who takes the funeral if you would like to talk.  

If you choose St Mary & St John there are a number of things that you might like to consider before you meet with the priest, although there is no pressure to do so and he will help you through making the decisions about the service. Every Church of England funeral has a reading from the New Testament - a message of hope in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and His desire that we all share in that great Victory over death. Generally, we also suggest two hymns for the service. Alongside this, there may be some other things that you would like to include and you can discuss these at the initial meeting. The service may take the standard form for a Church of England funeral or you may choose a Requiem Mass (a longer funeral service at which Mass is offered for the soul of the departed). The Church of England website (click on the link on this page) gives some ideas about Bible readings and some suggestions of hymns as well as some other useful advice. Below that you will find links to the Funeral Directors based in Nuneaton (although you may, of course, choose to use a company from outside the town).

Jesus said, 'I am the Resurrection and the Life'.

John 12.25

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